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Al Davis, Visual Velocity

Al Davis

Shooter / Editor

For many years, I was in sales and production for a printing company catering to high-end print production. My customers were demanding. However, I quickly learned that in order for us to deliver a quality product, we had to master the art of communication. Engaging in a conversation, listening to client needs, exchanging ideas — these are all skills that serve me well today for different clients, but no less demanding.

When I studied communications at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), I learned film-making using film and the cutting board. The technology may have changed, but those early years gave me a solid foundation in the rhythm and timing in motion. Yet my experience in print production—the hours of perfecting the color in a print run—that has made color correction an integral part of my editing process. Anyone can learn software, but it is mastering motion, color and communications that makes your work sing.

Robin Friedman


“After graduating Rhode Island School of Design in graphic design, I worked in the print world for several years designing brochures and posters, laying out catalogues and newsletters, and developing branding. My clients were many, including Reebok, Lotus, Fidelity, Harvard, and MIT as well as a lessor known local businesses and non-profits. However the world was changing and clients were looking to be part of the new technology: the internet. There were few classes and a handful of books, but I managed to teach myself how to code and build websites from scratch. In this ever changing landscape, the learning has not stopped and I am constantly attending seminars and workshops to stay current. At times it is exhausting, but mostly I find it is an exciting time to be a designer. When I put my computer in sleep mode, I draw, read and spend face time with family and friends.