Al Davis

shooter / editor

Early in my career, I was in sales and production in the commercial printing industry where we catered to high-end product delivery. My clients were meticulous and demanding. I quickly learned that in order to deliver a quality product, I had to master the art of communication. Engaging in a conversation, listening to needs, exchanging ideas — these are all skills that serve me well today for different clients, but no less demanding.

Studying communications at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), I learned editing using film and the cutting board. The technology has changed, but those early years gave me a solid foundation in the rhythm and timing in motion. My experience in print production — the hours of perfecting the color in a print run — has made color grading an integral part of my editing process. Anyone can learn software and point a camera, but it is mastering motion, color and communications that makes your work reach out and resonate.

Robin Friedman

designer, animator

I am a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design where I studied graphic design and animation. For many years I worked with clients designing brochures and posters, laying out catalogues and newsletters, and developing branding. In more recent years, I design and code websites, and create animations. It is all about breaking down ideas and concepts to their basic elements and creating interesting, yet elegantly simple ways to communicate them. It is an exciting time to be a designer.

When I put my computer in sleep mode, I draw, read and spend face time with family and friends.