stoma reinforcement stoma reinforcement stoma reinforcement stoma reinforcement

Stoma Reinforcement

Objectives: Demonstrate the use and application of LifeCell’s Strattice as a stoma reinforcement agent.

Production Log We arrive early and stay late, as our area of video interest is second fiddle to a more major effort throughout the stomach area to remove cancerous tumors. We are able to get most of our equipment in “pre-surgery,” and manage to have it mostly assembled and off to the side, thanks to some generous space in this OR. The challenge is to walk in “midstream” in the operation, to get settled with Dr. Fleshman, and quickly set up for shooting in a very small opening. Our overhead camera is critical in achieving good angles. Good communication with hospital staff helped keep us ready and well prepared.

Surgeon: James W. Fleshman MD, Chief, Section of Colon and Rectal Surgery

Hospital: Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis MO

Cameras: (2) Sony HVR-Z1U; Handheld and mounted over surgical bed using a boom and stand rig

Editing: Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Shake, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

Applications: Web, PowerPoint embedment, DVD