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Ventral Hernia Repairr

Objective: Create a series of videos, illustrating best practices to demonstrate the virtues of this product to health care professionals, while offering educational value as well. The shown procedures utilize LifeCell’s Strattice, as a biologic mesh for assisting and securing ventral hernia repair.

Production Log: : Working with cadavers requires a completely different mind-set. The integrity of the surgical field is less critical. Lighting is more controllable. It is imperative to remember that we are all there explicitly to gain a perfect tutorial, unlike the patient-driven environment of the OR. Priorities are therefore different, and as video producers we need to understand when a surgical technique needs to be repeated or slowed down for superior video presentation.

Surgeon: Ronald P. Silverman, MD, Chief of Plastic Surgery

Hospital: University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore MD

Cameras: (2) Sony HVR–Z1U; Handheld and tripod positioned at the foot of the surgical bed

Editing: Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

Applications: Web, PowerPoint embedment, DVD, still photos